Sunday, October 31, 2004


We are all born naked.. Everything else is drag. -- Ru Paul

At least that's close to what he said. As I write this I am preparing to go into ritual. Tonight I am the Winter king. I am preparing to fight and kill the summer king! I will than take over! I plan to freeze you all out and to create utter chaos for the land. I am dressed up for the occasion. I have an aged white face and grey and silver hair tonight. If I can get a picture of me that is not flooded with white I will send it to the Mirror Stage.

Tonight is the night where the veil between the world of the living and the world of our ancestors is the thinnest! Tonight I remember my Papa Butz, Grandma Rene, Papa Harold and all who have past on in life. This is the feast of the dead.


SiRen65 said...

It is so unfitting that you should be the Winter hate winter. You should be summer and raven's star should take great delight in slaying you in a mischevious and pixie-like manner. I hope the whole thing was good for you! I had planned to get some sleep tonight but it looks like that is not going to happen...I still have about 200 pages to read and a response paper to write and then some chinese to do, and I still haven't started on my CV. I think that's going to have to wait until tomorrow, or today.I was just feeling yucky and like I had a cold most of today and so just didn't get on with anything. thanx for the post and thanx for the quote. muchos besos. P.s. Is Ru Paul considered a "he" or a "she"?? I have always wondered about that one...I don't know enough about Ru Paul to know how Ru Paul refers to Ru Paul...any insights on this score welcome.

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