Friday, October 17, 2008

Ghazal #2

The sweetness of dates after sunset, the memory of
My teeth in the flesh of your neck, sweet as sugar.

There is no frost in this city to glow quiet
Only broken glass, fractured cubes like sugar.

City light enters in through barred windows to cross your face
Like the sun following as you ran through green canes of sugar

Your wildness in the setting sun sparkled gold, diamonds on
Your lip from my lip transferred, from my glass these grains of sugar.

My toes dug into the white sand on the beach, waves pulled out.
The hand of nature piles up, sculpts men like dust, like sugar.

To dust we may all return, to tombs to life to tombs we
Dissolve like salt in the sea, as stirred in your tea, the sugar.

Now in this city I’m alone, in the quiet, in the noise, days go
Bitter or go slow, go like years too poor for sugar. Or before it.

It’s said that love’s like sugar, there is no sweeter. But a
Meal of sweetness will make you hate the taste of sugar.

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