Sunday, January 02, 2005


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Morrissey had it right. Picture from Salo to illustrate...ever get the feeling you were being watched??

Haven't written...Opera was great. Tales of Hoffman, fun and beautiful. If it wasn't beautiful it would be Romantic piffle, but it is, so it's fun and luscious. But haven't been able to really say much about things that is too happy...the Tsunami has kind of been domnating my thinking, and the 30 million dollar initial "pledge" that waas a SCANDAL of Epic proportions. If I had been feeling less depressed it would have made a *fine* addition to DonQ's Scandal page. As it is, thankfully our resident "oval office ogre" (thanks for the phraseology goes to Rufus Wainwright) has upped the ante somewhat, but it's one of those hide under the bed moments, I think. I was watching CNN this morning and found out that Colin Powell is again being rolled off to the area of crisis. They ALWAYS send Colin Powell...he's the resident Brown Man, I think, getting all the messy sticky diplomacy stuff that I thought being president was supposed to be about. Not to say that there is anybody more qualified on the current staff. But of course Jeb's tagging along to represent White America in his fine figure of manhood, so all is not lost!AAAAgh. The whole thing is a farce. Harvard activism on this is happening, but everybody is still away on holiday, so...

Donations to Medicins sans Frontiers...what do you think? Most of you are more knowledgable about links ties and arrangements between charities and corporations/governments than I am, so. We sent some cash to the Red Cross, but I dunno...there's no way to fathom this.

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