Sunday, July 20, 2008

Viet Eats God 1

My friend Viet: banker, philosopher, student, historian...brilliant when sober, genius when stoned or drunk. Profound thought, extreme intelligence, college in Arizona and experience in the midwest of the USA, Vietnamese cultural roots, bold ambition, and English as a second language (although near perfection). Put all of these in a blender and the following is what you will get.

I give you sayings of Viet from session 1am-7am 20th July.

1) "I never really thought about Africans...."

2) "I tell my friends who have converted, if God's so great, tell him to come here and tell me what's up....we can have a chat."

"I mean even with Buddha, you know... Sometimes I got to temple and I am praying and it's like Buddha, you're not doing anything. You've got to start socializing."

3) On "poking" on Facebook: "You're poking me from the other side of the internet...I don't even know where you are!"

4) "The internet is a highway without exits"


nibelung said...

"I never really thought about Africans" - yeah, pure genius! Right up there with "sweep that floor, nigger" in the pantheon of inspiration. Dao 4 now!

de Feo-Giet said...

That's really not what he're totally missing the point. He was actually saying that it was his own stupidity, his own mistake, to not have thought about Africa as a continent with people in it. And I suggest to you that a great many people who talk about race equality in the US have never really thought about the many people on that continent with their many languages, cultures, histories, struggles, and most importantly thoughts and personalities, ambitions, desires and opinions.