Saturday, May 14, 2005

White Light: Complete poem in 3 parts, first draft.

As I said before the graphical play is going to be destroyed on here...but anyway, here it is...tell me what you think, peeps.



White Light

1. that slick of your back
put comma to curve make
straight the way way way
out there, it became an
exclamation for me
a cry from below

put pen to paper
make a line curve to line
a swift motion that you
can fill with phantoms

that time you gave me your hand
clench firm soft fingers tight
make sparks make light light light the night
and spread apart the sheets
of days where we can hide
like hibernation or honeymoon.

put pen to paper

and paint the inside


2. am. You’re winding yourself around me like a soft soft string/our arms/ great sweet knots of heat/ they pack our selves, a gift enclosed/

I think

I’d like to cut you open with passion and a slit, lick that knows only love.
Hold picnics at the binding borders of your skin, make tiny bonfires of regrets
Bring all that sugared sap up of you up to drink like fountains you will flow
Put my hand inside your Glory: O it is B e a u t i f u l, your vicious soul. It will

Pink movements of your lips, Great White hard hips you have, and a voice
That speaks fit to burst blue blue upon an endless story, those details
You thought long forgotten. Yes the trees that grow in your heart, the
Grasses and the vines that line the way, the birds and fires and lightning
On that path through you the lemon trees too, and sunny gardens, the Love and tomatoes. All of these I will tiptoe through, covered stealthy in your
Spirit skins leaving kisses, bites for signposts. Because sometimes it is the
Package that undoes the ribbon and
Red Red Ridinghood that wears the wolf.

You like an imperative:
The force of it, as it sprays across my face
Like all that fire hose pornography.
5 alarm at 5 am.

That’s when…

You, like an imperative,
Appear closersmoother, bend me
To an X, with sex to center
Make me on the cross of
St. Andrew.

You hold my body: flaming tinder,
Tell me that’s not all I am
But your eyes were a pilot light
that night,
So it’s a 5 alarm at 5am.


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