Tuesday, February 08, 2005

hell and high water or jacuzzi and sauna?

Well....I have a choice it seems. THe marvellous "Art and Violence in the Cultural Revolution" class is forcing me into a decision of conscience...to take the overwhelmingly scary course with huge amounts of hard work, or to not """""? I hate backing down from a challenge, I don't believe I ever have, certainly not in academic terms, but do I really want to do 4 6 page papers in characters, and oral presentation and a final exam???? hmmm.

More to the point will I give myself some kind of mental hernia if I do so?

double hmmm.

any and all opinions peeps.


Edward Carvalho said...

Is that 4-6 page papers or 46 page papers? If it's the latter and that is papers in the plural, then I would say two things: 1) "gimme a break" and 2) "move on to another course." It sounds as though this professor has too much time on his / her hands; particularly, when you consider the fact that doctoral level theses often times don't even reach such page counts.

SiRen65 said...

nah. even harvard isn't that mad, 4 to 6...in characters which roughly equates to 8 to 10 in english, plus an oral presentation on a final paper of about 20 pages and an exam. roughly just in papers it works out to 40 pages plus exam. and reading. and oral thingy. for one course. I have 4.

i am still thinking about it.

Edward Carvalho said...

That's certainly more achievable. Every three weeks, I create 3-4 annotations of works I'm reading that range 4-5 pages (roughly 12-20 pages right there) in addition to another 7-10 pages of creative work. If you're talking 40 pages total for the course-load through the semester, I would think you to be OK in registering for the class.

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