Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bult For Bodys

“Mountn got a thing bult for bodys. Its called an avlanch. A man fallen uner that bitch dozent know which way is up. Its no good a’strugglin. All you can do is breath. And that’s whats responsbl for the death mask. The last thing a body does to try an let out is melt the snow with it’s heat. No good though. That just leaves a pocket there with the impression of a man like a horror.

“Terrible sorry about your’n husban Mary. We gave it a god awful try with attack and rescue dogs.”

--A mash note from Silas Jones

Bult For Bodys

Go hide
November fruits dried.

A river worth freezing
Fresh salmon abide


--the carriage tracks
Groan with ticks in dog’s

Some are the times
Frozen smiles

Let cheerlessly, worn
Into the
Death mask of
Avalanche, press

Stale pocket of air
Compressed in an icy
Starkness where last
Breath hung in warm opposition
To unique, flakey crystals Made hard as lies.

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SiRen65 said...

Hey John, thanks s much for writing a post...I haven't felt much like writing recently for a variety of reasons...busy and none to happy. Ah well. Seeng that there are other people out there being creative has made me a mite happier! See you at CWG soon.